GBC Plans for ISKCON's 50th Anniversary

The fifth day of ISKCON’s GBC's AGM focused on celebrating the 50th anniversary of ISKCON’s incorporation in 2016. ... Read more.

GBC Completes Three-Day Special Session on Vaishnavi Diksa Gurus

GBC recently completed a special three-day session during which the GBC Body considered whether or not this worldwide Vaishnava community should endorse and implement the policy of having women serve as diksa-gurus, or initiating spiritual masters, within the ISKCON society... Read more.

GBC Initiatives from 2014 meetings

To begin the upcoming meetings in Mayapur, here are a few videos detailing key initiatives developed from the 2014 mid-year meetings in Tirupate... Read more.

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Latest News

  1. Mayapur 2015: Strategic Planning Network (SPN)

    The GBC’s Strategic Planning Network (SPN) recently concluded its five-day bi-annual meeting in Mayapur. Facilitated by the GBC’s Strategic Planning Team, the numerous SPN committees, made up of GBC members...
  2. Sannyasa Waiting List

    As on 1 March, 2015, the following are the candidates for sannyasa along with their respective waiting periods: Adi Purusa Das (GGS) (Bhubaneswar) 1 year Adwaitacharya Das (GGS) (Bhubaneswar) 2...
  3. GBC Plans for ISKCON’s 50th Anniversary

    The fifth day of the Annual General Meeting of ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission focused on celebrating the 50th anniversary of ISKCON’s incorporation in 2016. Pancaratna Dasa, a member of the...

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