Divisional Director Staffing

The Executive Director achieves his aims and fulfills his responsibilities through a number of key Divisional Directors.  Generally, a Divisional Director will be appointed for every major area of effort.  The Executive Director will establish overall objectives within each Key Result Area of Effort consistent with the prioritization of the Three Primary Directives.  Each Divisional Director will create, under the guidance of the Executive Director, goals that are designed to bring the objectives into the world of action.

Divisional Directors:

Divisional Director of Devotee Care

  • Promoting the well-being of ISKCON devotees in all areas of experience (such as physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual).
  • Addressing the needs in the various areas by disseminating information, creating and divulging courses, and stimulating the culture of holistic service to Vaisnavas (providing all forms of support favorable to one’s development of pure Krishna consciousness).
  • Performing a “Best Practices” methodology on key devotional care developments and practices within the Society.

Divisional Director of Preaching Initiatives

  • Organizing and supervising specific projects and campaigns aimed at improving the quality and the quantity of the propagation of Krishna consciousness in the world.
  • To monitor yatras in third-world and other developing areas with the aim of facilitating their harmonious growth.
  • Performing a “Best Practices” methodology on key preaching developments and practices within the Society.
  • [question: should we consider less “preachy” terms, such as outreach, propagation or diffusion?]

Divisional Director of Administration and Systems Development

  • Provide all areas of the Executive Strategies with a “systems thinking” approach.  Develop systems for all areas of effort as appropriate.
  • Ensure that systems are deployed, followed and monitored for their intended results.
  • Supervising the work of the staff of the GBC Secretariat/Executive Director Office.
  • Providing an ongoing analysis and updating of procedures used to reach the various purposes. Ensuring the creation and maintenance of appropriate systems and consistent management in the realm of clarifying functions, capabilities, roles and structures for the smooth and productive operations of the Society.

Divisional Director of Organizational Development

  • Working towards ensuring that the different parts of the organization and their processes of functioning and interaction reach higher levels of productivity and effectiveness.
  • Interacting with all concerned parties towards facilitating the creation of a favorable culture for the development of the individuals involved and the functioning of the Society.

Divisional Director of Succession

  • Ensuring smooth and proper succession in various leadership levels through identifying potential, providing training, creating of the conditions for acceptance of the service, supervising their development, and facilitating their deployment.
  • Overseeing the geographical/continental trends in and of leadership and intervening as necessary.

Divisional Director of Strategic Planning

  • Overseeing the design and implementation of realistic plans for the obtainment of results in the Three Primary Directives.
  • Ensuring that the work of the GBC focuses on long term achievements (such as establishing systems and achieving goals for which Vaisnavas active two-hundred years from now would be grateful to today’s GBC).

Divisional Director of Legal, Accounting and Regulatory Compliance

  • Ensuring the Society’s compliance with internal & external legal, accounting and regulatory requirements; protecting ISKCON’s properties and assets, both hard and soft. Overseeing the national and local incorporation of ISKCON’s affiliates.

Divisional Director of Community Relations

  • Acts as a liaison between the GBC and the ISKCON community
  • Identifies the needs of ISKCON members in geographic sub-units and addresses them by bringing them to the attention of the GBC
  • Assures that the GBC and its policies are consistently presented in an appropriate way to the members of ISKCON

Divisional Director of Ministries’ Supervision

  • Supervising and supporting the GBC Ministries (by facilitating translation and circulation of resources, by assisting with travel coordination, and by inspecting grants’ usage).