Executive Director

Overall Function:

To serve the GBC by ensuring the execution of the three primary directives.

Three Primary Directives:

  • Srila Prabhupada’s directions
  • GBC directives (resolutions)
  • Strategic planning initiatives

Areas of Effort & Responsibilities:

Establishing Priorities

  • Priorities must be established for the Three Primary Directives.  The body of Directives is vast; the position is new.
  • In most instances, the priorities will have direct GBC guidance.  This indicates the possibility of a number of committees to be designed as standing Executive Committees (please see Addendum #1 – Standing Executive Committees).
  • Priorities should include establishing outreach strategies involving the worldwide community of devotees.

Establishing Objectives and Goals

  • The Executive Director must be results-oriented.  Overall objectives, goals and the ultimate results must be clearly delineated.  In most instances, objectives will be created by the Executive Director.  Goals designed to bring these objectives into the world of action will be created by the appropriate Divisional Director.

Establishing Executive Managerial Systems

  • Defining purposes, establishing systems, functions, capabilities, roles/jobs, delegation methodology and structure (please see Addendum #2 – From Purpose to Personnel – from GBD’s business). Establishing transparent accounting and audit standards and norms within the Society.
  • This function will be created in collaboration with the Divisional Director of Administration and the SPT.

General Management

  • Hire, deploy, direct, delegate and serve devotional Divisional Director staff.
  • Engages outside professionals as needed.
  • Ensures that all objectives and goals are being implemented by staff.
  • Manages the Secretariat’s resources.
  • Maintains executive function budgets and accounting.

GBC Zonal Representatives – Supervision

  • Stays in touch with RGBs and individual zonal secretaries with the aim of ensuring that relationships with Divisional Director are effective.
  • Ensures proper implementation of project approval, and of legal and strategic compliance.
  • Receives and analyzes reports; reports to the GBC about the ground realities in the various geographical sub-units.