ISKCON Ministries are headed by ministers who are individuals appointed by the GBC to become expert in their field and oversee a specific mission, such as Educational Development, Book Distribution, Communications, and Congregational Development. Ministers advise, assist, and promote their assigned ministries, and educate zonal secretaries and ISKCON leaders in how to take practical steps towards achieving their Statement of Mission. All ISKCON ministers submit an annual report to the GBC and are invited to attend the GBC’s Annual General Meeting.


Ministry of Communications
ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry
Ministry of Health and Welfare
Congregational Development Ministry
Vaishnavi Ministry
ISKCON Youth Ministry
Ministry of Sannyasa Services
Ministry of Book Distribution
Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture
Ministry of Padayatra
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Fund Development
Sastric Advisory Council
ISKCON Property Office
ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection