The Sastric Advisory Committee (SAC) Papers

The GBC Body has established a Sastric Advisory Committee (SAC) which is a permanent, pro-active body of senior devotees that offers input to the GBC Body according to scripture, philosophy and realization. Subordinate to the GBC Body, the SAC is advisory only. The conclusions and advice of the SAC are not binding on the GBC Body. The purpose of the SAC is to avail the GBC Body of philosophical perspectives, references and siddhantas, to augment the utility and soundness of the GBC Body’s decisions, thus preserving the integrity of the GBC and to focus, refine and support the power of the GBC Body, and not counter balance it.

The duties of the SAC are to research scriptural siddhanta on major issues mandated by the GBC Body, respond to requests from the GBC Body or its Executive Committee for philosophical advice and to remain always aloof from the legislative process.