MARCH 5 1984.

1. The GBC officers 1984 are:

Chairman: Jayapataka Swami.
Vice Chairman: Gopal Krsna Goswami.
Secretary: Balavanta Prabhu.

2. Resolved that each GBC will annually appoint one regional secretary (or ad hoc regional secretary) to the global secretarial for a one year term.The regional secretaries may change yearly.
3. Resolved that each continent will be presented in each of the following global departmental committees.

1. Public affairs (incl.IFR)                                10. Arcana.
2. Sankirtan.                                                  11. Education.
3. FOLK.                                                       12. College preaching.
4. Audio-visual (incl.movies).                            13. Finance.
5. Architecture & Design.                                14. BBT Production.
6. Farming & self sufficiency
7. Life Membership.
8. Festivals.
9. Bhakta Training & Festivals.

Each continent will provide continental representation to each of the global departmental committees as follows:

1. North America -2. 5.                E.Asia -1.
2. Europe -2. 6.                           Australia/Nz.-1.
3. Latin America -2. 7.                 Africa -1.
4. South Asia -2.

The Global departmental committees will receive proposals from the GBC body as will as initiate proposals themselves.

Each member of the GBC will submit the yearly proposals to the GBC officers committee (via.the secretary) who will assign proposals as follows:
1. Those to be exclusively dely with by the GBC (ie., new members, zones, privilege)
2. Those of a local nature and need not come before the GBC.
3. Those to be considered by the Global Departmental Committees
All proposals are to be of a global nature as distinguished from local matters.
The GBC secretary will present all proposals to be considered by the global departmental committees to the officers of the global secretariat who will meet with the chairmen of the global departmental committees and distribute proposals.
After each global departmental committee has considered their respective proposals each chairman will present his proposals before the global secretariat which will approve modify or reject them. All proposals will then be presented before the GBC body for FINAL APPROVAL.
The global secretariat can also serve as a standards committee which can deal with any controversies that the GBC may assign to it.

4. Resolved that HH Bhakti Tirtha be accepted into the body as a full GBC secretary.
5. Resolved that HH Mukunda Goswami be accepted into the body with a permanent non voting seat.
6. Resolved that HH Prabhavishnu Swami be made an assistant GBC for Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal and Bangladesh, Brunei, Laos, Burma.

MARCH 6,1984.

1. Resolved that Hansaduta Swami is hereby removed from his membership on the GBC, his position as BBT Trustee his position as an initiating guru. .He shall no longer be considered a Sannyasi. All ISKCON corporations are hereby advised that Hansaduta is no longer qualified to serve in any authoritative capacity relative to such corporations. All of Hansaduta’s disciples are directed to accept initiation from another ISKCON recognized guru.
2. Resolved that the GBC unanimously advises the BBT trustees that 20-25 % of the income of each BBT should be applied to the development of Mayapur City to begin as soon as possible.
3. Resolved that the GBC desires to review the performance of its members to assure the success of its preaching efforts all over the world. Pursuant to that desire the following review will be undertaken annually at the Mayapur meeting.

A. Report Forms.
Each GBC member will submit a standard report form to the GBC containing the following information:

1. no.books distributed in the previous gr.
2. laxmi remitted to BBT in the previous yr.
3. no.adult devotees.
4. no.of preaching centers.
5. no.of festivals conducted in the previous yr.
6. no.of life members enrolled in the previous yr.
7. no.of new devotees recruited in the previous yr.
8. no.of devotees fallen in the previous yr.
9. properties acquired in the previous yr.

B. Ministerial Reports.
The various ministers of the GBC may provide the body with reports on activities in the respective zones.

C. Closed Ballot Poll.
At the annual meetings members of the GBC and the global secretariat will be polled in a closed ballot to determine which zones,if any,the respective members seem to be in need of help or change.

D. Solutions.
Should the GBC determine that a zone or member is not functioning adequately,t he BODY may provide in the follower order:

1. advice.
2. assistance in the form of technical knowledge or manpower.
3. an acting co-GBC.
4. that the subject GBC be provided a change of service.

MARCH 7,1984.

1. Sriman Maha-Buddhi is appointed Minister of Tourism.
2. HH Tripurari Swami is appointed Minister of Sankirtan of North America.
3. The GBC body requests HH Tripirari Swami to increase book distribution in all areas of North America.
4. In order to provide purification for all parts of the world and all members of the GBC, each GBC member shall be allocated a four (4) month period during which that member will take responsibility for the worship at Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi in Vrindaban. During that four (4) month period the GBC member responsible must himself spend at least one (1) month personally in Vrindaban.
5. Sriman Atreya Rsi Prabhu is appointed GBC for North Western USA including Berkeley, Calif., but excluding Seattle Wash.,
6. HH Gopal Krsna Swami,HH Jagadisha Swami,and Srila Bhaktipada are appointed GBC for Vrindahan and surrounding areas traditionally connected with Vrindaban namely UP, MP, and Rajasthan.
7. The entire GBC body shall be the standing committee for the development of Sri Mayapur Mandir and city. There shall be an executive committee of GBC members which shall be responsible for the planning, construction, and overall implementation and coordination of the Sri Mayapur Project and they shall make an annual presentation to the GBC body. The members of the Executive Committee shall be Srila Bhavananda Goswami, Srila Harikesa Swami, Srila Jayapataka Swami, and Srila Tamal Krsna Goswami.
The executive committee may establish a construction ministry and a planning ministry which shall function under the executive committee.

MARCH 8,1984.

1. A temple presidents meeting shall be held at which representative of the global secretariat will present the resolutions passed by that body and receive the recommendations of the temple presidents which will be delivered to the global secretariat for action and the GBC for confirmation.
2. During the upcoming year, Alanath Swami is directed to travel with Srila Jayapataka Swami for at least three (3) months.
3. HH Jagajivan Swami is directed to abandon his business engagements and to consult with Srila Jayapataka Swami before making major managerial decisions. The Sannyasi board is requested to direct its members to travel in Jagajivan Swami’s zone this year in so far as possible.
4. HH Radha Krsna Swami is directed to work under the spiritual supervision of Srila Bhagavan Goswami and, for that purpose, to reside in Srila Bhagavan’s zone.
5.HH Giriraj Swami is confirmed as a full member of the GBC and directed to fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s order utilizing the Bombay facilities to develop the Mayapur project.
6. During the following year, each zone is directed to allocate at least, one top preacher as teacher to the gurukula System.
7. Srila Svarupa Damodar Swami and HH Jagadisha Goswami are directed to recruit and train qualified Indians to serve as teachers in the gurukula system.

8. Zonal assignment for the year 497 Caitanya Era, (1984-85) are as follows:

A. Sriman Atreya Rsi Prabhu: Northwestern USA (including Berkely, Calif., but excluding Seattle, Washington), co-GBC with Bhaktitirtha Swami for North Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Afganistan. GBC-Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Persian Gulf Countries, Iraq, Syria, Jordan.

B. Balavanta Das: Eastern Tennessee, Minister of legal affairs.

C. HDG Bhagvan Goswami: British Isles, France, Benelux,
Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tahiti, South Africa, Greece, Israel co with HDG Satsvarupa for N.Ireland.

D. HDG Bhavananda Goswami: Co with HDG Jayapataka Mayapur, Calcutta Co with HDG Rameswara for FATE, Detroit, NY, NJ,and Conn.

E. HH Giriraj Swami:Pakistan, Co with HDG Gopal Krsna Goswami for Maharastra, Co with HDG Bhagavan for Mauritius.

F. HDG Harikesa Swami: Scandinavia, Germany, Austria,
Switzerland, Eastern Europe, USSR, Argentina, Iceland, and Uruguay. Co GBC Hyderabad Farm.

G. HH Jagajivan Goswami: Co with HDG Jayapataka Swami for Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay.

H. HDG Kirtanananda Swami: Ohio, W.Vir.,Indiana, Kentucky,
Co. with HDG Satsvarupa for w.Pa., Co. with HDG Gopal Krsna Swami, and HH Jagadisha Goswami for Vrindavan UP, MP, and Rajastan.

I. HDG Pancadravida Swami : Mexico, Guatamala, El Salvador,
Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuala, Panama, Belize.

J. HH Prabhupada Krpa swami:Australia, N.Zealand, Indonesia, New Guinea,New Caledonia, Minister of Astrology.

K. HDG Rameswara Swami : Southern Calif, Nevada, Utah,Wyoming, Dakotas, Colorado, Arizona, Mexico, Hawaii, St,Louis, Chicago, Japan, Memphis, Co-GBC for NY, NJ,Conn., with HDG Bhavananda Goswami and for FATE, and Detroit.

I. Rupanuga Das: Co with HDG Jayapataka Swami for Georgia, Lousiana, Alabama, Missippi, N.Carolina, S.Carolina
middle & western Tennessee.

M. HDG Satsvarupa Goswami: Philadelphia, Washington DC,
Baltimore, Gita Nagari, Virginia, Guyana, Caribean, Surinam,
Santo Domingo, N.England (expect Conn.), Ireland and
[Co GBC with HDG Bhagavan Goswami for N.Ireland],
Puerto Rico, Trininad.

N. HDG Tamal Krsna Goswami: China, Hong Kong, Macau,
Taiwan, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Korea, Singapore and the Phillipines.

O. Vasudeva Dasa: Fiji.

P. HH Brahmananda Swami: West Africa, Angola, Zaire, Congo,
Gabon, Oameracon (sic), Central African Republic, Nigeria,
Niger, Chad, Benin, Logo (sic), Ghana, Ivory Cost, Liberia,
Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Gambia, Senegal, Maruitiania,
Upper Volta.

Q. HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami: Central Africa, co with Bramananda Swami for Northwest Africa and all other Africa not already mentioned,co with Atreya Rsi for North Africa. Co with HDG Gopal Krsna for kenya.

R. HDG Gopal Krsna Goswami:Co with Giriraj for Maharastra, co with Bhakti Tirtha for Kenya, Co with HDG Kirtanananda Swami and HH Jagadisha Goswami for Vrindaban, UP, MP, and Rajastan, exclusive GBC for Delhi,Chandigarh,Haryana,Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, Canada and Seattle., Co with HDG B. Swarupa Damodar for Andhra Pradesh.

S. HDG Jayapataka Swami: unchanged,except add Colombia, Equador, exclusive for Maldive Islands and Co with Jagajivan Swami in Jagajivan’s zone. Also Malaysia and Brunei.

T. HDG Bhakti Swarup Damodar Swami: unchanged except add Sri Lanka.

U. HDG Hrdayananda Goswami: Brazil and Florida.

V. HH Jagadisha Goswami: Minister of Education. Co with HDG Kirtanananda Swami and HDG Gopal Krsna Swami for Vrindaban, UP, MP,and Rajastan.

9. His Holiness Prabhavisnu Swami is appointed as the assistant GBC for Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Burma.

MARCH 9,1984.

1. In calculating a majority or 2/3 vote (where required), an abstention or blank vote shall not be considered a vote cast for purposes of determining the total number of votes cast. (unless otherwise specified)
2. Permission is granted to HDG Kirtanananda Swami to investigate methods of refinishing Srila Prabhupada’s murti in Vrindaban and to take such measures to do so as Kirtanananda Swami sees fit.

MARCH 10,1984.

1. That Mukunda Goswami, the Minister for Public Affairs, will oversee the Department of Audio-Visual.
2. That a paper will be written by Rupanuga and Paramananda Prabhus regarding the protection of animals, i.e, cows, bulls sheep, horses, and other farm animals. This paper will be sent to all ISKCON temples.
3. That as far as possible the Sri Mayapur magazine should distributed in quantity by temples around the would. However the distribution of such magazine shall not interfere with BTG distribution for which the continuing priority of quantity distribution exists.
4. Every publication from the NA BBT shall invite readers to correspond with the secretary at the local temples indicating that the level of temples is on the last page. Furthermore, all names received in Los Angeles requesting free books shall be immediately sent to appropriate temples, provided the temples pay the costs involved in acquiring such names.
5. The proposals presented by the G.S. shall be recorded in the GBC minute book.
6. Those resolutions that require to be distributed to all ISKCON temples shall be published as GBC provisional orders (po); others shall be distributed by the global committee whenever possible in the form of a paper.
7. That the GBC shall publish philosophical papers on key topics of GBC discussions.
8. That as per GBC resolution, there should be no pirating of ITV video tapes. But some zone are pirating. Positive action must be taken to stop them.
9. That devotees from Communist countries shall be given the same rates for the annual Mayapur festival fees as the third world countries.
10. That the worship of Srila Prabhupada’s samadhi in Vrindaban shall be available for different zones on a rotational basis (four months period).
11. That the funding for the approved 1984 budget for curriculum development by the Ministry of Education will be provided by the following gurukulas or their respective zones:
Gita nagari $ 1640
Vancouver 1640
Dallas 1640
Lake Huntington 1640
New Vrindaban 1640
Western USA 1640
Detroit 1640
Australia/NZ. 1640
England 1640
France 1640
Italy 1640
Sweden 1640
Vrindaban 820
Mayapur 820

12.T hat the system of supporting IFR programs in the Indian sub continent and Africa shall be revised so that ISKCON centers in the developed world will be assigned to an IFR program to which their established donation quota will be given directly. Mukunda Swami will be responsible for coordination and publicity in the Western world for the IFR program.
13. That the Ministry of Public Affairs shall establish guidelines for and recognize authorized personnel that are cultivating important international figures
14. That custodians of all ISKCON mailing lists including
a. life members
b. congregational members (FOLK,friends of Krsna)
c. favorable parents
d. scholars
e. Prabhupada’s palace visitors
f. BTG subscribers
g. BBT correspondence and advertising replies
h. ISKCON educational service list
i. ISKCON world review list
shall provide these lists the ISKCON Ministry of Public Affairs to use om nation-wide mass mailing, The ministry will only send mailings approved by the persons providing the lists.
15. That the Minister of Finances will appoint a committee to prepare a detailed manual on basic financial management within ISKCON. The manual should be written simply and include:
1. Introduction from Srila Prabhupada
2. basic financial management
3. basic book keeping
other more complex subjects such as property purchases,loan management etc., could also be covered.
16. Under the supervision of the continental or zonal Sankirtana minister the process and techniques of “contact” sankirtana will be studied as a means to increase book distribution, collection and membership.
17. That the NA sankirtana minister will propose a system of dealing with conflicts between SKP’s and the local centers will have authority over local areas.
18. That a guidebook for bhakta directors around the world will be prepared by Rohininandana Prabhu in consultation with Gunagrahi Swami and Vipramukhya Swami, In addition a curriculum and syllabas covering both philosophy and practice of Krsna Consciousness will be prepared.
19. That all ISKCON centers should have extra classes for new devotees in addition to the regular morning and evening classes.
20. That the arcana standing committee shall assist Srila Jayapataka Swami in completing the authorized ISKCON handbook. Bhanu Swami will coordinate their input and compile it with other existing research. The final draft will be presented to Srila Jayapataka Swami for editing by November 1984.
21. That an investigative committee consisting of the members of the life membership standing committee along with Satadhanya Swami as the representative of the global secretariat will review the functioning of the ILMT and submit its report to the G.S by June 1984.
22. Life membership collection in NA will come under the jurisdiction of the different GBC zones. No one from one zone can collect in another zone without the permission of that zone.
23. That the life membership standing committee will investigate the situation involving outstanding loans from ISKCON life members in the Middle East and make positive recommendation.
24. That the annual Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja book published by the BBT will.in addition to the regular offerings from the GBC and ISKCON centers, invite and publish written offerings from ISKCON Sannyasi disciples of Srila Prabhupada from other devotees. The book shall be hardbound, and the dimensions of the cover shall be standardized. The individual temple offerings will be limited to one page per temple.
25. That a sub committee consisting of Bhanu Swami, Anirdesa Vapu, Atmatattva,and Dasaratha Suta will discuss and propose a practical, simple system of awarding Vaisnava titles and distinction.

MARCH 11,1984

That each global secretary collect written reports from the regional secretaries in his zone detailing how ISKCON owned properties are to be best accured as per Srila Prabhupada’s will. These reports shall be submitted no later than Kartika 1984, to the three GBC men appointed in Srila Prabhupada’s will for scrutiny and/or approval.

That 500 th anniversary committee should appoint to report by the end of April on the production of diaromas in India that illustrate the life and teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. The committee should also explore the possibilities for distributing the dioramas world wide.

The 500 th anniversary committee should approach Yadubara Prabhu and Nrsimhananda Prabhu to ask them to produce a TV documentary on the life and teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu which can be distributed world wide.

HDG Gopal Krsna Goswami will approach the Indian government to establish an exhibition at EPCOT, taking assistance from Viratapa Prabhu as required.

An international committee is founded to coordinate and execute the quincentennial celebration of Lord Caitanya’s appearance. This committee is constituted as follows:

Executive Committee:

HDG Gopal Krsna Goswami
HDG Bhagavan Goswami
HH Prabhupada Krpa Goswami
HDG Jayapataka Swami
HH Mukunda Swami
HDG Rameswara Swami

India Working Committee.

HDG Jayapataka Swami Chairman
HH Bhaktijanarda Svarupa Swami Vice Chairman
HH Lokanath Swami Secretary
HH Sridhar Swami }
HH Prabhupada Krpa Swami } Treasurers
HDG Gopal Krsna Goswami }
The remaining regional secretaries and temple presidents form the body of the working committee.

Western World Working Committee.

HH Mukunda Swami Chairman
Members of Global Public affairs committee, all regional secretaries in all Western world zones.

The members of the international committee for the 500 anniversary celebration must meet during the 1984 Mayapur Vrindaban Festival to formulate plans to fund the proposals that are of a centralized nature.

Local and regional festival activities are to be funded by local temple and regions. The following functions were approved for implementation by the Global Secretariat:

To commemorate the 500 anniversary celebrations a program will be made to publish translation of Caitanya Bhagavat and several small and medium books. Translation team with executive head HDG Jayapataka Swami and member Bhakti Caru Swami, Bhanu Swami and Sarvabhavana and Jayadvaita Swami for English editing will be formed. As preparation for translating Caitanya Bhagavat several smaller

A world Harinam Sankirtan Party will be formed consisting expert Kirtan singers principally from India, but including representatives from all parts of the world. For one year this party will visit all major cities of the world and in coordination with the local temples perform Sankirtan Programs.

The Ministry of Public Affairs will organize a visit by major news reporters to Sri Mayapur Dham for the 500 th anniversary celebration. A budget will be submitted to the 500 th anniversary committee.

The Ministry Public affairs will design a 16 page colour news paper supplement describing Lord Caitanya, His Sankirtan movement, and the 500 Anniversary celebrations. A one page advertisement will also be produced by the Ministry. A budget for printing and inserting in major newspapers will be submitted to the 500 Anniversary Committee by June, 1984.

Approved: refer Global Secretariat additional outline and detailed proposals to the 500th Anniversary Committee for necessary action.

The GBC made the following resolutions concerning the 500 Anniversary celebrations:


a. ILMT will raise funds for Lord Caitanya propaganda in India.
b. Each GBC zone will donate a minimum one lakh rupees, (Australia will donate five lakhs rupees) to fund the projects.
c. Funds will be collected to put ads. in newspapers. Refer to executive committee.
d. Each Life Patron Member will be urged to give Rs. 100/- towards funding. Refer to Executive committee.
e. Bombay credits can be be given to Indian BBT from Western/Eastern Temples having available book credits.


a. In India two full-time leaders will be given within two months for organizing the 500th Anniversary celebration.
b.Every zone world-wide should pledge to give men when the Executive committee requests.

Worldwide Strategy:

Concentrate of propaganda in India during 1985-86, and concentrate for the West during 1986-87.


Indian BBT will print a magazine on Lord Caitanya with the theme: The Whole World is Worshipping Lord Caitanya.

Approved Resolutions from Temple president’s meeting

a. In the resolution of the GBC regarding Hansadutta the word “directed” should be changed to “encouraged” .

b. The GBC should endorse the Bhakti Program Newsletter, as it it is of significance and requires International participation.

c. The resolution concerning Radha Krsna Swami, Jagajivan and Alanatha Swami should remain unpublished.

d. Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa Puja : as amended:

The ” one page per temple ” limitation shall be removed if the temple provided financial support for that Vyasa-Puja book by ordering all the copies ( check with Srila Rameswar for details )

That as previously the temple presidents will meet to discuss the GBC resolutions and for submitting comments to GBC for final consideration.