Chandrasekhar Das

The appointment of Chandrasekhar Das as a GBC member brings in a new era of next generation devotees assisting in the leading of the movement.

He was brought to the Krishna consciousness movement by his mother in 1978 in Sydney, Australia. At the age of nine he went to the Vrindavan gurukula for three years, and then spent the next nine years at the Mayapur gurukula. He believes this time as the most uplifting and defining years of his life.

After leaving India in 1991 and spending some years in Australia, he wished to embark on something challenging and adventurous in Krishna Consciousness. On the instructions of His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami he thus began to serve in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

After traveling between China and Australia for some years, he settled China in 1998. He has been serving there ever since and helping to develop the congregations throughout the country.

He undertook a degree in Asian Area studies in order to better understand the broader cultural and social environment in which he serves. At present he resides in Hong Kong.

His areas of service include Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.