GBC Resolutions 2021

The 2021 GBC Resolutions have finally been released. Due to the global
pandemic, it was not possible for the GBC Body to conduct in-person meetings
and therefore the AGM 2021 was conducted online. Similarly, the 2022 AGM
will also be conducted online.

To ensure online Resolutions become final and binding, two Resolutions were
passed to change the GBC’s Rules of Order. These are included in the
attached file.

During the online AGM, the GBC Body met every Wednesday and Friday, and
throughout the rest of the year continued to meet weekly on Wednesday via
Zoom. The GBC discussed matters of global importance and continued to
discuss and vote on proposals throughout the year; hence the delay in
releasing the Resolution file.

During 2020-21, there were three avenues proposals were voted on:

1. by Correspondence Vote
2. during the Online AGM during which most proposals were voted on via the
GEM software
3. via the weekly Zoom sessions

The attached file has been legally vetted by the ISKCON Legal Department and
also reviewed by the SABHA.

GBC Resolutions 2021