Global Development Fund

GBC Global Development Committee

  • The members of this Committee are: Ramai Swami, Bhakti Charu Swami, Bhakti Vijnana Goswami, Gopal Krsna Goswami, Revati Raman Das, Ambarisa Das, and Devakinandan Das. The GBC EC is also ex-officio members.  (Kaunteya Prabhu, I think there are more members than this)
  • Their responsibilities are primarily threefold:  First, to ensure that ISKCON is providing full cooperation and facilitation to the Minister of Fund Raising, and; Second, to offer strategic guidance to the Minister in his efforts, and: Third, to interface and create shared vision with the GBC Organizational Development Committee.

Overall Function

  • To serve the GBC by ensuring the GBC body and its Executive Director and staff has sufficient money to operate.
  • To provide monies that will be used for strategically developing key international projects and preaching efforts throughout the world.
  • To provide for emergency funds that arise from time to time
  • To provide funds for education and training programs that have been strategically determined
  • To provide funds for strategic planning and related activities

Ministry of Fund Development

The GBC recently established the Ministry of Fund Development, appointing Devakinandan das as its Minister.  Under his direction, the ministry will, in the words of the GBC resolution, take on three primary strategic directions.  They are:

  • To encourage and inspire ISKCON centers to fully realize the potential for fund development in their areas.
  • To train ISKCON devotees in the art of successful fund development.
  • To promote a culture of unlimited potential and abundance in fulfilling the mission of Srila Prabhupada.

Particular to the Ministry of Fund Development and the work of Devakinandan das is the establishment of the Global Development Fund.  This fund will bring together key devotees working together to support the overall development of ISKCON’s leadership.

Budget Process

  • Selected devotees from a host of Committees, such as the Global Development Fund, the Organizational Development Committee, the Strategic Planning Team and anyone else deemed fit will regularly sit in a room and argue about money and how it should be spent.
  • Though some participants will initially find other participates short-sighted, grossly grandiose, suffering under the philosophy of poverty or cavalier in their thoughts of spending money uselessly, all parties will make their best attempt to find value in each other’s thought process.
  • A consensus through argumentation, if both facilitated correctly and all parties remain sincere, will be attained.