Currently, much work is being done to revive a resolution that directs the GBC to publish an annual up-to-date corpus of the Society’s laws. It is also a significant step on the way to the drafting of a constitution for ISKCON, which Srila Prabhupada asked the GBC to put together in the early seventies. This volume will serve the GBC, ISKCON leaders and all devotees as a useful source book of information in the practical affairs of executing devotional service within our institution. It is the hope of the GBC body that the vaishnavas in Srila Prabhupada’s great movement will be satisfied with this compilation of ISKCON Law.

The purpose for this update is to address laws that may be outdated, unneeded, ambiguous or unclearly worded. There may be some areas that our laws do not cover sufficiently. Generally these laws have been well thought out, each one representing many hours of deliberation on the part of some of the most experienced devotees in ISKCON. Progress reports will be available soon.