ISKCON Leadership Sanga

The GBC is pleased to announce the second ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) from February 16-23, 2014 in Mayapur, India. Good, strong leadership is key both to ISKCON’s improvement and its ongoing success. Although our Governing Body Commission guides our Society in so many ways, without the forward-looking, competent, and dedicated leadership of those who have taken on the serious burden of encouraging the devotees under their care and extending the preaching field, ISKCON cannot develop to its full potential.

This Leadership Sanga promises to be both inspiring and helpful in the service of many leaders in the movement. It will give devotees the  opportunity to learn about the strategic planning the GBC has been doing over the last few years and to share feedback on it and ideas for the overall direction of ISKCON.

The GBC has been focused on developing a strategic plan for ISKCON. Committees have formed and work has been going on in areas such as
temple development, outreach, devotee care, succession planning, establishing Srila Prabhupada’s position solidly into the future, writing an ISKCON constitution, education, how to work with affiliates, and a number of other initiatives.  It’s now time for leaders who are not serving on the GBC to consider the plan and help bring its elements into their areas of influence.

The ILS will provide an opportunity for GBC members to share with ISKCON’s initiating gurus, sannyasis, temple presidents, project
leaders, and congregational leaders the process they have undergone and the progress they have achieved. In turn, we hope that those devotees who are attending will provide the GBC body with the invaluable feedback it needs. We hope this will lead to a better strategic plan – one that all of us are enthusiastic to implement in our areas of responsibility.

Imagine the incredible service energy that could be released in our movement if GBC members along with leaders all around the world would share and implement an inspired vision for serving Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON.

ILS participants will attend portions of the GBC’s Annual General Meeting as well as participate in numerous seminars and workshops.

They will also have the opportunity to meet leaders from around the world and discuss challenges and successes with others who are performing similar services. A sharing of association, vision, inspiration, and education in the holy dhama of Mayapur – the potential benefit for
everyone involved cannot be measured.

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