Purposeful to Personnel

Directionlessness and purposelessness start at the top. Therefore, as part of any strategic intent it’s very critical to establish the Vision and Mission, based on core ideology (which rests upon Core Values and Core Purposes); this defines the enduring character of any institution. Such Vision and Mission Statements should we clearly expressed and should be understood by all constituents of the institution. If people have no sense of mission, purpose, values, or focus it is because the leaders either lack these or inadequately communicate them. Another reason that the workforce has no sense of direction and purpose is the inconstancy of management: too many directions. Leaders are faced with complex challenges when they look at change. Some of the issues related to changes are:

  1. Purpose: Without a clear and constant purpose, nothing else will fall into place.
  2. Systems: The notion of systems includes all the elements of the SIPOC model: supplier, input, process, output, and customer.
  3. Functions: Functions are not synonymous with jobs. Some jobs consist of several functions and some functions require several jobs.
  4. Capabilities: In order to perform the functions, you need certain capabilities, some of which are equipment driven, other that are personnel driven, and some that may be either one or both.
  5. Roles/Jobs: Here we describe the positions, roles, or jobs we create in order to distribute the needed capabilities in a way suitable for performing the functions. Some jobs require several capabilities and some require only one. Some roles are involved in many functions, some in only one.
  6. Structure: The purpose, systems, functions, capabilities, and jobs must now be integrated and supported. Form follows function. Structure involves:
  • Reporting relationships
  • Pathways for formal communication
  • Divisions, departments, groups
  • Policies
  • Ongoing teams
  • Modes of management and leadership


  1. Personnel: Whom will you select to work with you?
  • Whom will you hire?
  • Whom will you promote?
  • Whom will you fire?