Radha Krishna Das

Radha Krishna Das is the GBC secretary for Hungary, Romania, Turkey and Cyprus as well as the co-GBC for Greece, North Macedonia and Israel. He has various international responsibilities such as the GBC Nominations Committee, he has been the Euro RGB vice chairman for the last 8 years, and he lectures at the GBC College.

Radha Krishna Das became the youngest person to receive a GBC appointment in the last 40 years after graduating from the GBC College in 2017. Radha Krishna Das had previously served for a number of years as Temple Director in New Vraja Dhama / Krishna Valley – the Varnashrama farm community of the Hungarian Yatra – where he managed 5 departments with over 60 devotees serving in them.

During his time as a Temple Director in Krishna Valley he simultaneously served in various other capacities; in local government as Deputy Mayor, and as Chairman of the Eco Valley Foundation, which is involved in scientific cooperation with nine universities and is affiliated with the Hungarian Science Academy (the Eco Valley Foundation is the only Hungarian NGO that received observer organization status from the UNFCCC).

He was an Executive Council member of GEN-Europe overseeing co-operation amongst the 2500 eco-village members (Global Eco Village Network, Europe), and an Executive Board Member of the Global Village Initiative Committee. He played an active role in the Indian-Hungarian inter-governmental agricultural agreement in 2008. In addition to the above commitments, he had founded and run his own leadership consulting & training company.

Prior to living in Krishna Valley, he was the Vice-President of ISKCON Pécs after serving there for some time as a successful book distribution leader.

Radha Krishna Das joined ISKCON in 1994. He is a disciple of H.H. Bhakti Bringa Govinda Swami having received first initiation in 1997 and second initiation in 2000. He moved to Krishna Valley in 2005 where he married Candra Devi Dasi who is presently the director of the junior Gurukula. Together they have two daughters, Nisha, age 11 and Vrindavani age 9. His mother, Anandini devi dasi also lives in Krishna Valley where she is a full time pujari. He was born in 1977 in Pécs, south-west Hungary where he grew up and studied software engineering and robotics. After moving to Krishna Valley he continued to study at university earning degrees in Agro-Economy and Rural Development Engineering, gaining professional knowledge in sustainability.

Since a young age he was always been seriously interested in sports and healthy living. He became a professional junior league football player at the age of 16. He has never smoked, drunk alcohol, taken drugs, or had contact with women before getting married. He is an avid reader, and his free-time interests include traditional Hungarian horseback archery, carpentry and cooking.